Friday, 8 July 2016

It’s ladies first at global B-schools

NEW DELHI: Of the 42 women that applied for MBA programmes abroad through Admissions Gateway , a Delhi-based admissions consultancy, 41 made it to the top 15 business schools across the world. The success rate is not unusual for the consultancy, but the sheer number of women applying
to B schools abroad is. At Admissions Gateway, the number of women applying and getting through to the top Bschools abroad has doubled. The admissions firm caps its number of candidates at about 110 yearly. The numbers are not restricted to one consultancy. It pays to be a woman applying to an MBA school today, whichever part of the world you're from. Some of the top B-schools in the world are pushing for greater number of women to increase their diversity ratio. Simply put, all things being equal, schools and consultants say there is a greater chance of women getting admission into these business schools. Using data from each school's individual website from June 21, 2016, ET calculated that the average representation for women at top 20 US MBA programs is currently at 38%. The top 10 schools have 41% women and schools ranked within 10-20 have 32% women. Schools are pushing for greater representation by encouraging more women candidates.

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