Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Harsha Bhogle’s column: Young Team India to benefit from Anil Kumble’s vision, Virat Kohli’s passion

Two powerful personalities, visibly different but attitudinally similar, have been thrown together to control Indian cricket. It is not normally recommended practice because a team can, strictly, only belong to one person. But the two, separated by generations, are bound by intent. Even though he was
only formally appointed so, late in his career, Anil Kumble was always seen as a leader and yet played as a soldier. And in spite of looking the rebel (his clothing brand is called Wrogn!), Virat Kohli is respectful of what has come before. I was very fortunate to see Kumble throughout his career and not once did my admiration for him dim. He was always soft spoken and dignified, picked up dinner bills, returned calls and was happy to discuss cricket and enlighten others. I always thought he was an oak, tough, reliable and willing to stand up to the storm. Sourav Ganguly says that when the opposition was rampant and the conditions were demoralising, one bowler was always looking to catch his eye. Kumble always wanted to bowl and it is a lesson that he will impart to the team under him. You never concede.

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